Answers to your questions

You are going to be confronted with numerous questions from the very start of your project. DFK France will help you to find the best answers and the best person to help you, without wasting time or money.

The French market   How is it organized ?
How does it evolve ?
Location   Where should I set up my company ?
Should I buy or rent ?
Starting up   Where and when do I register the company ?
How can I start invoicing immediately ?
My company   What status should I choose ?
What are the advantages ?
My staff   How do I recruit in France ?
How much should I pay my personnel ?
What are the advantages for my managers who go abroad ?
Finances   What bank should I choose and how do I work with ?
What type of financing should I choose ?
Where can I find these finances ?
Tax   What taxes do I pay in France ?
What are the advantages of the French system ?
Financial aid   What State aid can I obtain ?
Is it the same everywhere ?
How can I benefit from it ?


Our market knowledge includes detailed sectoral studies available to us by our partners