DFK International celebrates 50 years


It is in Paris, an emblematic city if any, that the representatives of the members of DFK International will meet, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the association, from 24 to 27 July 2012.

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Our association, founded in 1962 by Ronnie Warlow from London, John Douglass from Sydney and Francois-Maurice Richard from Paris, has continuously been helping its members to best meet needs of their international customers.
 Constantly increasing the services proposed to its members, the association has grown steadily over the years, counting more than 200 offices in over 80 countries worldwide. At the occasion of his 50th anniversary, DFK put on an acceleration of its development.
 The 50th anniversary will be marked by the publication of a book tracing the history of the association and many characters that have graced the annual conferences. Beyond its support for the management of international business, marking especially DFK International is the strength of personal relationships been established between its members. These relationships often extend to family members and DFK can claim to have accompanied the new generations on the international scene. Like seriously working together, the laughter and fun are always part of DFK assemblies. This spirit of camaraderie contributes to the feeling of belonging to a group, which in turn improves the professional and personal opportunities for members and their businesses.  Members can contribute to enrich the annals of DFK, through a portal on the Member Area of the site, by uploading their photos and stories in a data bank of memories.
 Paris is a place to celebrate the 50th anniversary: not only it is the city of light, love and romance, but it is also the city of F.-M. Richard and Associates, a founding member of DFK.
 Appointment to all members of DFK International in Paris from July 24 to 27, 2012!